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About Ital Kitchen

Where can I eat happy food? Ital is food celebrated by the Rastafarian movement. The word is derived from the word vital, which means ital foods are raw dishes used to preserve and sustain life. Ital Kitchen was born from the idea of food that improves your happiness...simply put, happy food creates happy souls... Ital is the oasis of Crown Heights, created on the premise that food and atmosphere heals.

About the chef

Chef Michael Gordon was born on the island of Jamaica, but grew up in Queens, Ny. His passion for cooking comes from his humble beginnings as a farmer in the "country" part of Jamaica. In 2010 he graduated Le Cordon Blue, where he studied French cuisine, and mastered his concepts for vegan cuisine. The concepts that would later create Ital Kitchen BK in 2013. 


Today, his passion for fresh and healthy food as a "Rasta-man" comes through in every bite. "Ital food is food that is vital to the body; which consists of fresh plant-based food that is alive." " Alive food is content food, and happy food creates happy souls," - Chef Michael

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From the Press


"It’s a sit-down setting with a beautiful ambiance, unlike many of the area’s no-frills Caribbean spots, but in contrast to many of the new restaurants here, there are no gimmicks, trends, or culinary tricks: just heart-warming food in a heart-warming setting".


Victoria Grey-Allen, Blogger - Zagat

Food was divine! Freshly made on the spot. Wait time was worth it. Chef is a master craftsman, his menu is a work of vegan art!

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